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Glendale pays a subscription so that the Glendale community can use it. If you are engaged with Glendale through any of it’s programmes or considering attending you are able to access these resources free of charge. If you have any questions about this please reach out to our team at  or click here to let us know. 

RightNowMedia, a Christian organisation maintains the site, governs and monitors its use in accordance to it’s terms & conditions alongside governing laws of a jurisdiction.  

Glendale only has access to a very limited amount of data. 

If you signup through the Glendale organisation we will be able to see;

  1. Your registered Name, Email address, and date registered (or invited to register). This includes if you have been sent an email if you have activated the account. 
  2. Generic data about the wider church on what type of content they are using.

We may use this information at times to keep you informed about what is happening with our subscription on the platform, email you about special events and reach out at times to say hello. 

We can’t access the history of what individuals have watched, but periodically we do get reports on the themes that the entire community watches

We do not have access to (and don’t want access to) what you individually watch on the platform. This means that if an individual watches sensitive topics we may be given statistics by RightNowMedia about what type of resources our congregation are using but not who is watching it. We would ask you prayerfully consider sharing any struggle you have with some you trust from Glendale or a member of the senior leadership since we should not be able to identify it from the platform. 


Right Now Media hold most of the data, providing terms & conditions alongside privacy policies as part of the sign-up. 

RightNowMedia’s Terms of Use 

RightNowMedia’s Privacy Policy

RightNowMedia’s Account Terms

Please email  or click here to let us know. 

A way for people to watch the media together

If people want to watch media together without physically being in the same room RightNowMedia has a way for you to watch through what is called a Watch Party. When you go to a video you will see a button called ‘Watch as a Virtual Group’ – this will give you a link to share with a friend. When you go on it it will show you who is on the call – once everyone is on you can play the video together, at the same time, able to comment on it. Once the clip is over it provides an opportunity for you to talk together on the platform about the content you just watched. It is great opportunity to work through Bible studies, explore with friends things about God and who he is. 

Please email  or click here to let us know. 

Absolutely Loads!

From special teen editions, apps where you can download and watch/listen to relevant Christian resources to help you grow in your relationship with God. It even allows you to watch with your friends on it. If you click on browse then go to the section called ‘Who’s Watching’ you will find a section called ‘Youth’ dedicated to resources that will support your discipleship. 


There is a dedicated kids section including Christian Content. The minimal age of signing up is governed by RightNowMedia, which at the time of writing this was 13 years old. This means they will need to access through a parents or older sibling’s account. 

The content is from RightNowMedia, and it is not necessarily the same views held by Glendale Church. However if you would like to talk about it or ask that it is removed from other people accessing it then please reach out to We will sometimes allow other perspectives on Christian beliefs to allow people to see the full spectrum of Christian values.

When you get access to RightNowMedia, you also get access to all the material for RightNowMedia@Work including tons of resources to help you practically in your day to day life ranging from being at home, at work, being single or a parent, young or old. It is the worlds largest curated Christian resource platform. 

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